they were


from the dark continent

… birthed us all

from rich wombs


black sweetness


they were


from the fertile places

…nurtured us all

Through giving breasts


white manna.


they are


inside a hallowed space

…awakened us all

to forgetting’s price


white ignorance.


And then for the first time…

The People are kidnapped and taken to the south-land of the United States and their free labor used to build a gargantuan economy benefiting white landowners. Torture, death threats, sexual and emotional abuse controlled The People.

The People were forbidden to read or thought incapable of it: to acquire this skill, many of them read a book called the Christian Bible. While their perpetrators used verses from this book to support their sadistic practices, The People realized this perversion of intent and found solace in the same words.

from public domain

from public domain


Mother Emanuel Church is 200 years old and located in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s history includes being banned, destroyed by fire and assaulted by an earth quake.

Senator and Pastor Clementa Pinckney- and 9 parishioners – were gunned down during bible study at Mother Emanuel by a 21 year old boy named Dylan Roof.

Compare and contrast Pastor Clementa and Murderer Roof. The first came from a long line of Preachers and Activists and was in the pulpit at an early age.  See Boy Roof waving the confederate flag while saying he shot people with a 45 caliber hand gun because he wanted to start a race war and because  The People were too powerful (as per CNN).


The blood of the Original Seven was no longer visible on the skins of the early sadists; it was visually absent in those who later wore hoods and burned crosses of white, and cannot be seen in current day haters.

In the final group I include a fair skinned woman from South Carolina who – in 2003 – bragged to me about throwing out black votes during local elections in the 1970s. She had been an official on the City of Charleston’s election committee. She was also beaten by her husband regularly.


another  perspective

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